About Us

Hello and welcome to Jocurifrumoase! A website for all of your flash game needs! We are a group of individuals dedicated in bringing the joy of playing flash games to everyone! We are currently based at New York using our small office as a base of our operation.

The Headmaster is the one responsible for the overall being of the website and he’s the one guiding us throughout the day. He’s the jack-of-all-trades, a master web developer, gamer, he’s the mind behind this website, and if not for him, we don’t exist.

The Master Gamer is the one who constantly looks for new flash games from different parts of the internet. He’s in charge of curating new releases, best release, worst releases and more. He also plays nonstop everyday just to prepare a review for each and every flash game on the face of the internet.

The Master Developer is in charge of keeping the website functioning and allowing our audience to enjoy our website in a smooth manner without glitches and bugs. He also makes sure that everything is under control. He’s also in charge of keeping the bad hackers away.

The Master Writer is the one responsible for editing the contents of the website and allowing everyone around the world understand our thoughts, contents and reviews. He makes sure that our English are grammatically correct and is understandable for anyone even he’s not a native English speaker.

And that’s all about our team. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website from time to time!